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OceanTale Super Ultra Wario-Man by Wario-Freak OceanTale Super Ultra Wario-Man :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 1 0 UnderScramble W-Man by Wario-Freak UnderScramble W-Man :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 1 6 OceanTale W-Man by Wario-Freak OceanTale W-Man :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 1 0 ReaperTale Wario-Man by Wario-Freak ReaperTale Wario-Man :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 0 1 *Wario-Man blocks the way! by Wario-Freak *Wario-Man blocks the way! :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 0 0 ReaperTale Wario by Wario-Freak ReaperTale Wario :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 1 37 ReaperTale Wario Freak by Wario-Freak ReaperTale Wario Freak :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 2 0 On his throne (ReaperTale Super Ultra Wario-Man) by Wario-Freak On his throne (ReaperTale Super Ultra Wario-Man) :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 2 0 Apple by Wario-Freak Apple :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 2 0 Pen by Wario-Freak Pen :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 2 0 Pineapple by Wario-Freak Pineapple :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 2 0 OceanTale Wario Freak by Wario-Freak OceanTale Wario Freak :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 2 1 OuterTale Wario Freak (Edited) by Wario-Freak OuterTale Wario Freak (Edited) :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 1 0 Cloveatton and Ruby by Wario-Freak Cloveatton and Ruby :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 3 1 LittleTale Wario Freak by Wario-Freak LittleTale Wario Freak :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 1 0 UnderFell W-Man by Wario-Freak UnderFell W-Man :iconwario-freak:Wario-Freak 1 0
Welcome to my gallery,when you can see O.Cs,requests I have done,UnderTale AUs fan characters,but also Wario trash and UnderTale trash.


Flex for them boy by Gam3-Over Flex for them boy :icongam3-over:Gam3-Over 37 5 Alpha Border Stamp Template by NorthboundFox Alpha Border Stamp Template :iconnorthboundfox:NorthboundFox 103 51 Wario by Tribbiani77 Wario :icontribbiani77:Tribbiani77 26 10 Outertale MTT EX by Diayeam Outertale MTT EX :icondiayeam:Diayeam 4 2 Wario doodle by SemajZ Wario doodle :iconsemajz:SemajZ 27 3 Wario Animation by hyperspeed03 Wario Animation :iconhyperspeed03:hyperspeed03 65 26 SSBB animated Wario avatar by ZatchHunter SSBB animated Wario avatar :iconzatchhunter:ZatchHunter 88 25 WaHAAA by GamersIntel WaHAAA :icongamersintel:GamersIntel 18 5 Money Money Money! by AzureBladeXIII Money Money Money! :iconazurebladexiii:AzureBladeXIII 112 4 AIAF - Answer 8 - Mettaton - Dances by Pinkponyfan AIAF - Answer 8 - Mettaton - Dances :iconpinkponyfan:Pinkponyfan 4 11 U mad? by Purrclops U mad? :iconpurrclops:Purrclops 24 49 05 Toughness Contest by Angle-007 05 Toughness Contest :iconangle-007:Angle-007 86 10 Wario by Yojama Wario :iconyojama:Yojama 89 29 Pixel Stamp Base Updated by Mirz123 Pixel Stamp Base Updated :iconmirz123:Mirz123 611 112 Commission / UnderWar Fan Character by BlueWolfArtista Commission / UnderWar Fan Character :iconbluewolfartista:BlueWolfArtista 4 4 Outertale Mettaton EX by Mosco12346 Outertale Mettaton EX :iconmosco12346:Mosco12346 3 0
Welcome to the gallery when I put my favorite.There is Wario trash,Mettaton trash,a few memes and templates but also art trade I have done and comissions!


:iconcyberspacecupcakes: :iconcrapsandwitch: :iconxxflam: :iconpinkapop: :iconiza200117: :iconthecrazytomboy2: :iconstrikecomment63: :iconmamaartist203: :iconaesthetic-amy: :icongoingupthestreetwith: :iconstavenfetish: :icontanner-55:


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Which AU do you want me to continue for the series of the UnderTale AUs FCs journals?Here's the AUs:
-I have another idea. (Say it in the comments)
Thanks for voting.
Looks like I'll never find any theme for the HorrorTale FCs... ;_; :iconstrikecomment63:,I need some help,please...
Oh,hello...H-H-Here's the ReaperTale FCs.Have fun,I guess...

ReaperTale Super Ultra Wario-Man by Wario-Freak
Super Ultra Wario-Man (SUWM)
He's the king/god of beauty.
Height:He's the tallest of the 5.
Clothing:His original suit with flashy colors,magenta gloves and shoes,a purple mask,a blue sky fluffy cape red inside,a yellow crown with 2 blue shy hearts and 1 pink heart.
Powers:As a king,he has very strong godly powers.His sceptre glows in multiple colors,depending on his mood.
Fight… Death by Glamour (Dual mix)
Colors of his palace:
It's pink with purple roofs.

ReaperTale W-Man by Wario-Freak
He's the demigod of dance.
Height:He's a little smaller than SUWM.
Clothing:His original top,a pastel pink tutu,dark gray tap shoes,a white vest with yellow stripes and a pink flower,a blue bowtie,pink gloves and a yellow-green hat with a blue sky ribbon.
Powers:He can master all the dance styles.
Fight theme:Not found yet.
Colors of his palace:White with blue stripes.

ReaperTale Wario Freak by Wario-Freak
Name:Wario Freak
She's the goddess of shyness.
Height:Taller than Wario and Wario-Man,smaller than W-Man and SUWM.
Clothing:A dark blue cape covered with yellow stars which covers her whole body,a pink greek dress,her normal boots,a magenta bow around her neck.
Powers:She chooses between the newborns who'll be the shy ones and...that's all.
Fight theme:Not found yet.
Colors of her palace:Blue with yellow stars.

ReaperTale Wario by Wario-Freak
He's the god of agressivity.
Height:He has Wario-Man's height.
Physical:He has his face which is neon red,neon red eyes and sharp teeth.
Clothing:A red T-Shirt,a red cap with a yellow W,an orange overall,yellow shoes,white gloves.His T-Shirt sleeves are teared.
Powers:He can control the fire but also control agressive people.When somebody agressive gets very angry,Wario is 99% stronger.
Fight… Extermination via glamour
Colors of his palace:
Red and orange.

ReaperTale Wario-Man by Wario-Freak
He's the god of justice.
Height:He has Wario's height.
Clothing:His pink suit with flashy colors and short sleeves,magenta gloves and shoes,pirple mask,purple cape with yellow stars.
Powers:He can see when someone or something on Earth gets trouble and he can mentally tell somebody to do justice.
Fight theme:Not found yet.
Colors of his palace: Pink and magenta.

T-T-Thanks for reading.
W-W-Who's your favorite god/goddess/demigod?Your least f-f-favorite one?T-T-Tell it in the comments,ok?
ReaperTale belongs to it's original owner.Reaper Papyrus Au IconReaper Sans Au Icon 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Howdy!I am your average teen-age gamer and autistic girl.
I'm Wario-Freak,but you can either call me Freaky,Jennifer (My true name),Jenny or Jenn.I absolutely LOVE gaming,so this is why you see drawings of video game characters in everyday life.I adore the Super Mario series,and Wario is my favorite,while Waluigi...I hate him.
Wario-Man is my favorite final smash! #heckyeah
I speak english AND french.So,you can comment in BOTH LANGUAGES.

My favorite DeviantArt people:
:iconmettaton123action:,:iconjazzhands966:,:iconaesthetic-amy:,:iconstrikecomment63: and :iconqueen-koopa:! (They're nice to me,I like it!)

My favorite commenters:
:iconaesthetic-amy: and :iconstrikecomment63: (Thank you for your nice comments!)

Art trade i'm still waiting for:

Art requests i'm still waiting for:
:iconqueen-koopa: <- A drawing of Super Ultra Wario-Man

This is a ship-free account.You're not allowed to ship anybody here.
Now,a few stamps and buttons who belongs to their respective owners! (Too lazy to name them)
Anti Papyton stamp by Luna-Runa
Wario Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Wario Stamp by yukidarkfan I'm actually surprised nobody made a Wario-Man stamp yet...


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I drawn before!Don't make fun of my characters,this is how I draw them!
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